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Add IT solutions to Your Business,
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Consulting, portals & content management, networking, switching, health check & virus removal, support for servers including troubleshooting, hardware /software, operating systems installs & upgrades, security & hot fix application, resource planning & server analysis, ...

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Msa Services:: Computer Advisory, Network Architecture, Networking, Switching

Consulting and advisory services,, Network services, QoS & Security. Data architecture services

Accomplished and ongoing projects


The training area

Miguel Abrantes

My education, passion, and experience is in Information Technology and Information Security.

I’ve specialized in network architecture, which can help the companies deliver hosted-mode management solutions and complement their range with their expertise in integrating infrastructure solutions.

I started as a IT professional since 1992 in the area of infrastructure networks, support and undergraduate and graduate programs education (new communication technologies curricular units).

Areas of competence

Network security
Data protection
Performance of servers
Website Optimization
IPA eduroam
IPA Joomla
ISEC & IPA Moodle
  • Plan and implement an eduroam deployment
  • Service management and help desk support
  • Content management plataform in higher education
  • Design and implementation of portals
  • Computer networking, implementation and optimization of infrastructure
  • Managing and optimizing solutions

❝O Miguel é uma pessoa séria, madura e atenta.
Tem uma grande capacidade de adaptação a ambientes de enorme stress organizacional sem perder o controlo.❞
❝Miguel is an expert in his area and highly committed as a professional.
He is friendly, cheerful, supportive, and easy to get along with.❞
José Reis-Jorge,
Professor at ISEC
❝O Professor Miguel Abrantes revelou sempre uma enorme qualidade, trabalhador,
cumpridor das metas acordadas, tanto individuais como grupais.❞
Francisco Pereira,
Professor at COFAC
❝During the time I closely worked with Miguel I was able to confirm his competence in several IT areas, such as project management, hardware and software maintenance.❞
❝Obrigado professor Miguel pelo seu apoio, dedicação e colaboração e todos os conhecimentos e ensinamentos que me transmitiu ao longo destes últimos anos.❞
❝Miguel is a very committed, dependable, hard-working, organized and proactive person, an asset in his areas of expertise.
Miguel was always available and upbeat even if in stressful situations.❞
Carlos Marques,
Director at ISEC
❝O Miguel Abrantes foi um professor muito importante no meu percurso académico
com o qual aprendi muito em especial no que diz respeito à área de redes informáticas.❞
❝Miguel Abrantes conhece bem a máxima do sucesso profissional: não há excelência sem esforço,
perseverança e empenho. Dedicado, comprometido, empreendedor, visionário.❞


Mission: Improvement and sustainability

  • Fostering team spirit and creativity at work – we are one team
  • Understanding group dynamics – as we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others
  • Flexibility and adaptation – knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the team members helps us to channelize these qualities in the right manner and for the right purpose
  • Respect for the environment – and all living thinks
  • Progress
  • Success
  • Viability