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Image of web Mpa accessibility symbol

Web Accessibility Symbol

This page conforms to W3C’s “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0″

WCAG Overview, available at w3c.org.

The portal of the Miguel Abrantes is concerned with Mpa accessibility for people with specials needs, persons with disabilities and the elderly.

Description of the Web Accessibility Symbol

A tilted globe, with a grill overlaid. A keyhole is cut out on its surface.

Affixing the Web Accessibility Symbol

The Web Accessibility Symbol does not guarantee that this site is 100% accessible.

Use of this symbol only demonstrates an effort to increase the site’s Mpa accessibility in accordance with Council of Ministers’ Resolution 155/07 on the accessibility of the public administration’s sites on the Internet for citizens having special needs.

Accessibility international standards

From the accessibility standpoint, the Portal’s structure meets a high level of international standards, including:

  • For all images, provide alternative text that describes the function of the graphic;
  • Scripts that make a visitor’s screen reader or browser uncontrollable are a big impediment to accessibility. When I include applets or scripts, I provide a text description and a no-Java option; and
  • on organizing, writing and formating text, I presents a list of links that appear on separate lines, insert non-linking text on each line, to facilitate frame indentification and use of navigation technologies.

Miguelabrantes.pt Sitemap

Links providing the framework surrounding accessibility

  • ACESSO – Accessibility to Citizens with Special Needs in the Information Society – Acesso.umic.pt
  • W3C Web Content for Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, 2008, W3.org, WCAG20
  • W3C Web Accessibility Initiative, WAI
  • CERTIC – Portuguese Group for Accessibility Initiatives (Language PT), UTAD, Acessibilidade.net
  • Microsoft – Accessibility for Everyone, Enable
  • Apple – We’ve done everything possible to make anything possible, Apple Accessibility
  • Oracle – Oracle Accessibility
  • IBM Accessibility – Accessibility at IBM means enabling IT hardware, software and Web application products so they can be used by more people, Able