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36 Hours in Lisbon

36 Hours in Lisbon
36 Hours in Lisbon, by Fritzie Andrade, Max Cantor, Chris Carmichael, Will Lloyd, Sofia Perpetua e Sarah Brady Voll.
1 abr. 2015 | 6:06
Video (US, United States). 36 Hours in Lisbon. Available at <>. Accessed on Apr. 28, 2015.
“Throughout this hilly city on the Tagus River, structures and spaces are being stylishly […]

Wireless Encryption WEP WPA and WPA2

Wireless Encryption WEP WPA and WPA2
Many wireless users do not know WEP WPA WPA2 wireless encryption protocols and the security threats that may be subject while accessing a wireless network.
When users set wireless network passwords with WEP WPA WPA2 Wireless encryption protocol, users tend to think they are immune from hackers. However, hackers can […]

GSM Smartview Security Surveillance

GSM Smartview Security Surveillance
GSM Smartview Security Surveillance is a video surveillance system with high security that emits data by the GSM network. It’s a autonomous, ultracompact, working on GSM systems (the same used by mobile phones). Can be used with other wireless sensors devices (fire detectors, smoke, magnetic sensors, volumetric detectors) and installed […]