GSM Smartview Security Surveillance

GSM Smartview Security Surveillance is a video surveillance system with high security that emits data by the GSM network. It’s a autonomous, ultracompact, working on GSM systems (the same used by mobile phones). Can be used with other wireless sensors devices (fire detectors, smoke, magnetic sensors, volumetric detectors) and installed outdoors.

Transmits sequence of images, Video Live, SMS, MMS alerts, e-mails, audio, with for certain pre-defined phone numbers and / or email, depending on the parameterization and customization system.

GSM Smartview

See your:
✓ car
✓ house
✓ office
✓ shop

Latest technology

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Package Contents

✓ GSM Camera
✓ Battery
✓ Remote control
✓ Detectors:
 ☑ PIR motion
 ☑ Tilt and vibration
 ☑ Glassbreak


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✓ Security solutions
✓ Values in security
✓ Banknote neutralisation system
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GSM Smartview Security Surveillance

Key Features

The GSM Smartvview Security Serveillance particularly integrates built-in detectors that allows to detects intruders, for example:

  • PIR motion detector – detects movement by sensitive detection of body temperature;
  • Glass-break detector – recognizes the specific sound of breaking glass;
  • Tilt and vibration detector – recognizes any unwanted change on the camera position and angle;
  • Motion-in-picture detector – detects changes in the a scene regularly and comparing them.

Informative prospectus

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With the GSM Smartview Security Surveillance you can see your car, your house, your office, your shop anytime anywhere

GSM Smartview Security Surveillance is a video surveillance system that incorporates high security technology for GSM, wireless security solution with high definition in issuing professional quality images.

It is a complete system, as an integrated solution, both in terms of optional equipment (sensors for fire detection, temperature, sensors doors, ...), both in terms of using applications (software) for personal and professional security.

The operation of GSM Smartview Security Surveillance is autonomous, has a battery and works through GSM mobile network.

The GSM Smartview Security Surveillance was conceived and designed for video surveillance with excellent level of operation, easy to be installed and configured. Records videos, makes data transfer, sends e-mails, everything through GSM network.

You can also access and perform all operations management and operation remotely, either by direct connection (by mobile phone or usb cable) or by accessing the portal administration.

Choosing a video surveillance system nowadays is a important point in regard to safety, privacy and protection, whether of goods, of persons or places.

On the camera can be aggregated multiple devices peripheral, particularly:

  • Gas Detectors
  • Motion detectors
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Sirens inside or outside
  • Relays
  • Thermostats
  • Panic buttons
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Feerica - Security systems is the distributor of this GSM security surveillance.
This company has a wide range of own products, highlighting in particular the security gates, access controls, deposits of values machines for bag , card readers and high security safes.

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